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My aim is to understand the daily experience of people in order to design useful, simple and pleasant forms of interaction.

A good experience improves people’s lives

My aim is to understand the daily experience of people in order to design useful, simple and pleasant forms of interaction combining digital marketing skills with analysis and technology.

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Service design

Technology has changed the relationships between clients and service providers. I help organizations innovate and improve services to make them more useful and usable for clients.
Approaching CX requires that organisations look at their business from a variety of dimensions, to ensure that all of the different parts of the system work together for the good of the customer.

Service Design is the design of the overall experience of a service as well as the design of the process and strategy to provide that service. Service Design helps to unveil opportunities, produce ideas, solve problems and create implementable solutions. It is a new holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative field.

Design driven approach takes account not only of ergonomic and operational factors, but also of emotional and physiological factors. The user interface is any means in which the experience occurs.

Conversational design

Messaging applications are becoming the new reference platform. Human language is the new user interface and Bots are the new applications in the form of virtual assistants. The intelligence at the basis of the conversation is distributed in all interactions.

Bots and virtual assistants are becoming mainstream and can be considered a third generation platform, after the Web and Mobile Apps. Instead of interacting with hundreds of applications or sites, you will have access to a chat that will act as a catalyst to carry out more actions. The “invisible” applications will become the norm, simply launch the preferred messaging system, connect with the Bot of a brand and start a conversation.

Bots are able to manage complex processes in a simple manner. In scenarios where the need is clear and user defined Bot can make a strategic contribution within the customer journey.

“When the conversation is the interface, experience design is all about crafting the right words.”
– John Pavlus, writer and filmmaker


Over the past 25 years I have worked with major brands




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