Interaction Design


Data Visualization, Motion Design, Service Design

The city has a distributed intelligence, shared, for all, social.

The citizens partecipate to the organization of the city for the optimization of the services. Single point of access through which the citizen can interact with the system and make use of digital services offered by it. The user is profiled in the aspects inherent habits, needs, interests and territory to allow the system to offer services similar to him. The hub is a virtual area which is enriched with services and information as the system evolves and and is capable of integrating traditional and digital offerings already available to the Administration.


The monitoring of the dynamics of the crowd to determine how the population changes over time within a specific territory

The analysis of social, identifies the level of relationship between a set of users

Correlation of the phenomena with the services of the main meteorological services

Combining the Crowd Monitoring analysis over multiple zones and time intervals, it is possible to detect the dynamics of movement from one point to another. This algorithm is often used for the realization of predictive models. Analysis on a time basis of a specific factor (trend), to determine a distribution function or rather an analytical formulation of how the factor changes (and how could change in the future) in relation to time. Not a true analysis model but an application which allows to identify the presence (or potential future presence) of certain factors. The proactive form allows to automate alerting processes, monitoring and proactive actions related to the occurrence of events.

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