In 2014 in Italy there were 51.7 million foreign tourists (5th most visited country) with a revenue of 45.5 billion dollars. Users are increasingly demanding and digital technologies give us the opportunity to enrich their travel experience.

Citywalks aims to amplify the tourist’s experience through a multi-channel project dedicated to the main Italian cities of historical and artistic interest.

The solution provides information and contextual offers with respect to a number of selected paths. The use of immersive VR technologies extends the experience beyond the physical place increasing the emotional component of the visit.

cwalks_01During the visit of the city it will be provided an opportunity to amplify the on-site experience also towards friends and family at home. Tourists in fact can share with their circle the ongoing experience, “followers” from home will have the ability to view remotely in real time on their devices the user’s paths with all the details about the places visited in that specific moment, receiving notifications and alerts every time a new picture or a new message is posted or when he moves to a new point of interest.
The overall user experience is then plotted on a map with precise indications of the routes and visits made, including pictures, text and audio notes, times and details about points of interest.


The experience may also be experienced, away from the physical location, through the use of new technologies in terms of virtual reality “4D.” Tourists will be able to receive as a gadget or purchase a “Google Cardboard” customized with logos of the project and, by placing inside their device with the Citywalks app installed, display virtual tours of the most beautiful places of the cities enriched with interactive features.

An experience that will provide a much higher level of immersion than usual, thanks to the power of stereoscopic 3D and videos shot with the most advanced technologies

The experience can also be lived remotely via a dedicated website. Viewing 360° videos the user can live immersive visits through the streets of the city, during which he will be able to discover products and offers from selected partners that he will meet along the tour, with the opportunity to make purchases directly online.

Users will be able to share their own experience with the Community of Citywalks, thereby enriching the proposition of the paths inside the app with their own suggestions, ratings of points of interest and reviews, modifying the paths on the basis of their lived experience.

In this way visitors, even before their physical on-site experience, will be able to avail of the suggestions from the community and, in addition to paths offered by the project organizers, discover also routes suggested by the users enriched by notes and reviews about related points of interest.

Citywalks includes also gamification techniques that allow to increase the involvement and participation of users in order to stimulate and generate active behaviors, urging people to perform certain actions to achieve a goal.

The introduction of concepts such as points, levels and challenges encourages users to invest their time, prompting them to participation and helping them to build relationships within the game.


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